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Connecting a Windows Server 2K3 to a VA7400


Connecting a Windows Server 2K3 to a VA7400

Hey all,

We have an rp5450 running HP-UX 11i, with 2 fiber cards in it, each one connected to one of the controllers of a VA7400. Works good.

Now, I need to attach a Windows Server (could be Linux box it that works better) to the same array, ideally in the same fashion, 2 fiber cards in the Wintel/Linux Server, one to each VA controller card.

Will it work? More importantly, is it ok to do that or will it generate smoke?

Once the physically connections are made, then the CVSDM 1.08 driver should let the Windows Server talk to the HP VA. I don't know what driver I'd need if the box was Linux.

TIA, Dennis