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convert raid 0 to raid 5

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convert raid 0 to raid 5

Is it possible to convert a raid 0 to raid 5? Here is some background information which promted this question. I have 2 identical servers, and they were both set up on raid 5. I shut them down and moved the drives from one server (keeping the drives in the correct order), and placed them into the second server. When I powered it up, the server booted to the os with no problem. I then noticed that only 3 of the 4 drives was being acessed, and when I checked the status of the array, it showed up as raid 0. I need to get this back on raid 5, with minimal down time. Can I morph it to raid 5 without reloading the os? I have the data backed up, but the app would take some time to get back up.
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Re: convert raid 0 to raid 5


Migrating between RAID levels is possible on some SmartArray controllers.

It would be useful to know exactly what servers you're using and what RAID controllers they have.

Given your description I would want to find out exactly why the RAID level changed though...

Hope this helps,