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Drive replacement

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Drive replacement


I have to preplace my two 36GB drives with bigger ones on my Smart Array 5i Controller and I have some questions.

1. Can I replace my 36,4GB drives Model number: BF0368A4CA, Part number: 286776-B22 with 72,8GB drives Model number: BF07285A36, Part number: 286778-B22? The 36,4GB drive has Spare number: 289241-001 and the 72,8GB drive has Spare number: 289243-001. Does it mean, that I cant replace them? Can anybody please explain me what the Model number, Part number and Spare number means?

2. The 36GB drives are in RAID 1 array and there is a system partition on it. I want to shutdown the server and remove one disk. Then start the server and insert the new drive. Will the system boot only from one drive, that has left in the RAID 1 array?

3. When something goes wrong with the new drives, will I able to boot the system from the first removed 36GB disk?

Thank you for your time and answers.
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Re: Drive replacement

Take a look at http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/10890_div/10890_div.html

1. I could not find your part numbers on this doc. They mayhave changed. If the drives are meant for the SA5i then you can do it. You have to replace them one at a time and allow time to rebuild in between.
2, 3. Yes. I have not done it but I have read of others that have. Also in the above doc, the first "Note" in blue text hints that. You should remove all new drives when booting from the old one.