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e200 refusing to see random disks

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e200 refusing to see random disks

I tried this in servers and didnt get any help, wonder hoping for better in the storage section

I have a e200i (w 12mb/bbwc) f/w 1.80 with 5 x WD "green" 1tb sata drives presented via break out adapters. Ive put the break out adapters onto a SC448e and the cables are working as the LSI card can see all the drives, so its not the cables.

The problem that I have is that the e200i will only "see" three of the 1tb drives at any one time. It simply will not show the 5 drives attached to the card. The 1.8 f/w says a 6tb max, which the drives are 1tb short of touching.

Works fine with 2.5" 10k SAS drives and all the 2.3 1tb drives are on a 3ware controller working just fine.

No matter combination of ports you put any of the 5 drives onto, it only recognises three at any one time

Has anyone seen this before or know of a fix for it?
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Re: e200 refusing to see random disks