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Error hile accessing Remote Web console GUI

Occasional Contributor

Error hile accessing Remote Web console GUI

Hi ,

I am trying to access HP XP remote Web console GUI ,through a firewall .when I try to access through firewall(i.e through my desktop ) I get the following error .I first though it is because of ports which needs to be opened ,so with help of Network team I got opened the following ports opened at both ends :"FTP: 21 HTTP: 80 SNMP: 161 SNMP Trap: 162 RMI: 1099 RMI 51099 (this is a port used by Remote Web Console for communication)
For spare (for extension): 51100

but still problem persisits
the error is as following :---"A network error occures ,the array controller is not ready ,or an error occures in array controller .(10 6027 )"...

Can some explain me please teh reason for this .....screenshot is attached .....

Thanks in advance

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Re: Error hile accessing Remote Web console GUI

I used to get this error all the time when I had to go throough a 10mb hub and also to our DR site before we got more bandwidth. I eventually got it moved to a GB switch and it has been much nicer to work with.

The Java interface takes quite a while to load and apparently transfers quite a bit of data across the network on initialization.

IF you do it more than twice, write a script.