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Error message when trying to expand vdisk

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Error message when trying to expand vdisk

I am in the process of migrating volumes to new vdisks with volumecopy  and need to expand a 15 member RAID5 to accomodate the snap pool. When I select the disk to add to the vdisk and hit Expand Vdisk I get an error message.


Unable to expand the vdisk.
No response was received from the Storage Controller.


There are no hosts attached to the array and no scrub jobs running. The only other job running is expansion of another vdisk. Is it possible I have to wait for the current expansion to complete before expanding this vdisk ?


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Re: Error message when trying to expand vdisk

Is this a MSA2000/P2000?

AFAIR you need to wait until the first action has finished.

Hope this helps!

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