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EVA 3000 disk presenting problem

Occasional Advisor

EVA 3000 disk presenting problem

Can anyone advise on this as didnt really want to reboot right now.

Snapshots are not working ; error message …

Error: Failure: device with LUNWWID: "6005-08B4-0001-2418-0000-A001-CDA8-0000" wasn't found in system

The HP Business Copy manual advises that a host reboot is required but will bug with HP.

The last successful snapshot run was on Saturday afternoon ; this was after the /u102B filesystem increase but prior to the HP-UX patching.

Itanium 8620 11.23 hp-ux server attached.

Cheers Rich

Re: EVA 3000 disk presenting problem

you need to start with some book keeping ...

#spmgr display |grep 6005

this will list the paths that the system knows about

#strings /etc/lvmtab |grep c

to list the devices in use. You can also list the devices that the appliance knows about. then do a comparison. you can then use the commands:

"spmgr add" "spmgr clean" and "spmgr delete" to correct the listings. do some research and be careful what you delete!

when finished you should also cd to /opt/CPQevm/bin and run "update.sh" so BC is synced