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Expand drive space raid 1 array smart 641

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Expand drive space raid 1 array smart 641

I have a 2 drive raid 1 array that is hosting the C: drive.

I have the drives to replace the 36gb with 146gb.


From what im reading im not sure if I need to take the server offline to have the drives rebuild or not. 


I understand I will need to to expand the partition if I use the built in smart array tool.


The docs im reading are conflicting with each other. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


(Proliant ML350 G4)

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Re: Expand drive space raid 1 array smart 641

You don't have to take it off-line. But it might be wise to do it once.


No matter how good, you stuff is, there's always a risk.

So taking precaution is wise.


If you replace a drive on-line the SA (Smart Array) will rebuild to the new drive, with out any intervention.

Beware, when rebuilding the arrays, the source drive(s) must be error free, if there's hard read erors, the rebuild will fail.

And the SA generation 5 (5XXx) and 6 (6XXx), has had some issues with ghost (Wrong) ID's.

In case of drive replacement, the new drive must be installed at the correct ID (channel and bay)!


The SA use meta data to hold configuration, drive identifikation, placement, rebuild status etc.

The meta data is placed in the RIS area on the drives. And there's a copy on all drives.

The meta data also have a time stamp!

If you boot a proliant with ei. RAID 1, with 2 disks with different time stamps, the latest time stamp will become the source drive, and it will overwrite the older drive! 



Create a good disaster recovery plan (incl a good backup).

Check the drives for errors using the SMH (System management Home Page)

Check the drive(s) SCSI ID's, the must match the bay numbers.

Ensure you use supportet drives.

Consider to remove the first drive off-line: Shut down server (Power off), remove one of the drives, repower server and choose F2, interim recovery mode, during SA scan. - Insert new disk.

When the first disk has completet rebuild, replace the other disk on-line.

When rebuild has completet - Extend the logical drives, using the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) this is an online operation.

Extend you C: drive if you OS support it, you might need a workaround, since it's you system/boot drive


The advantage of removing the first drive off-line, is that if the first rebuild fail, you can put the first removed drive back in its original posistion (off-line), and you're back where you startet.


Also consider to upgrade drivesr and FW/BIOS before replacing drive (This could be done when you have removed the first drive, giving you a roll back posibility)


Here some nice reading:

Smart Array technology brief:


Smart Array Breaking mirrors:


Lots of ProLiant stuff:


ACU user guide (old, but should be OK for you):






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Re: Expand drive space raid 1 array smart 641



On Smart Array:

Expand = adding more drive to an Array.

Extend = Extending a logical drive (Make it large using free space on the Array).




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Re: Expand drive space raid 1 array smart 641

Thanks for the response


Re: choose F2, interim recovery mode, during SA scan. - Insert new disk.


I've read to replace the drive while online so the controller will see and recognize the replacement drive, and then the data will then be mirrored over. 

I take this this step supersedes that?




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Re: Expand drive space raid 1 array smart 641

It's the same.


When the SA is running in normal operation, it is in interim recovery mode.

So when ever you remove a drive, insert a new , another or re-insert the drive, it will rebuild the RAID.

If failure occour or you remove disk(s) when the server is powered off, the SA does inform you on problems found during start up scan, and it offer you the possibelity to disable failed arrays/logical drives. Default is to use RAID in interim recovery mode (with exception on some fw versions for some P models).

When in interim recovery mode, it will rebuild as soon as you insert a drive.


The only reason for removing the first drive off-line, is that you are sure the meta data and the data isn't corrupted. Corruption could happen if you remove a drive during a write operation.




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