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How to use pairresync?

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How to use pairresync?

below is the output of my pairdisplay command

Group PairVol(L/R) (Port#,TID, LU),Seq#,LDEV#.P/S,Status,Fence, %,P-LDEV# M
SIEBEL_BC1 03:11_05:0f(L) (CL1-E-1, 7, 4)11236 50f.SMPL ---- ------,----- ----- -
SIEBEL_BC1 03:11_05:0f(R) (CL1-A-1,17, 6)11236 311.P-VOL PAIR NEVER , 100 311 -
SIEBEL_BC1 03:30_04:10(L) (CL1-E-1, 7, 5)11236 410.SMPL ---- ------,----- ----- -
SIEBEL_BC1 03:30_04:10(R) (CL1-A-1,17, 7)11236 330.P-VOL PAIR NEVER , 100 330 -

Now i want to resync, can anyone tell me which command to use.
Do i need to use these commands

paircreate -g SIEBEL_BC1 -c 15 -vl -m grp
pairresync -g SIEBEL_BC1 -c 15

or should i need to do

pairresync -g SIEBEL_BC1 -c 15 -swaps

waiting for an urgent response.
Thanks in advance

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Re: How to use pairresync?

you have Business Copy on XP, are not you?

pairresync is needed after pair has been split and you want to pair them back and sync data between volumes.

PAIR in you output means that your devices are already paired and syncronized!

Operation of BC is follows:
There are primary volume (PVOL) and secondary volume (SVOL)
when they are PAIRed data continuously goes from PVOL to SVOL block by block, you may see it like
PAIR NEVER (or PAIR COPY if BC need a lot of to resync)
Then you split pair and devices go to states PSUS (PVOL) and SSUS (SVOL)
Now you can activate VG that lives on SVOL, then do mount or use it other way
After it when you want to renew data on SVOL you umount it or stop it using other way, decativate VG and says "pairresync -g.."
Devices go to state PAIR

According to your questions about commands you need to use you do not understand what are you doing - first, read documentation about BC or consequneses may be unhappy

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Re: How to use pairresync?

Thanks Maxim. I'll read the documentation first
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Re: How to use pairresync?

Hi Fenny,

The latest RAID MANAGER Userguide can be downloaded from:


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Re: How to use pairresync?

Somehow it doesn't look good to me. You have pasted the output for 2 paired volumes (03:11_05:0F & 03:30_04:10). Both the P-VOLs (03:10 & 03:11) looks like paired but the SVOL is showing SMPL (Not-paired). In this case you wont be able to neither PAIRRESYNC nor PAIRCREATE. Please check if your PVOLs are paird under any other BC or CA relationship. Once you both of them in SMPL status, use the paircreate command with appropriate options to create the new pairing relation.