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Linux connectivity for EVA


Linux connectivity for EVA

I found following output at a customers SuSE SLES9-SP3 Proliant where a EVA6000 is connected with single HBA. Driver revision is, XCS6100 on EVA.

The scan with /opt/hp/hp_fibreutils/hp_rescan -a shows following:

scsi1 00 00 00 HP HSV200 6100 RAID
scsi1 00 00 01 HP HSV200 6100 Direct-Access
scsi1 00 00 03 HP HSV200 6100 Direct-Access
scsi1 00 01 00 HP HSV200 6100 RAID

I found in the Linux connectivity guide that "Direct-Access" is the right option, but why did I see two more entries with "RAID"? Is there something wrong with the multipathing?

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Re: Linux connectivity for EVA

It's the EVA's 'Storage Array Controller Device' which is mapped at LUN address 0 (it's the counterpart of the HSG's CCL in SCSI-3 mode). The SCSI device type is 12(10), not 0 like a normal disk device.

I am sure you have overlooked that the first entry maps to target 0, LUN 0 and the last entry maps to target 1, LUN 0. No multipathing is done for this type of devices.