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LUN Multipath

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LUN Multipath


I have a quick question. From EVA8100 all the LUNs except one (Disk 7 - shows 8 paths to one vDisk on all the presented hosts. As for as configuration is concern, all the vDisks are configured exact same way.

C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP MPIO DSM\EVA DSM\x86>HPDSM devices

Device# Device Name Serial No. Active
Policy Disk# P.B.T.L ALB

1 HP HSV210 600508B40006A99A0000C00000670000 8
SQST Disk 1 N
2 HP HSV210 600508B40006A99A0000C00000780000 8
SQST Disk 2 N
3 HP HSV210 600508B40006A99A0000C00000F20000 8
SQST Disk 3 N
4 HP HSV210 600508B40006A99A0000C00001420000 8
SQST Disk 4 N
5 HP HSV210 600508B40006A99A0000C000014C0000 8
SQST Disk 5 N
6 HP HSV210 600508B40006A99A0000C000017C0000 8
SQST Disk 6 N
7 HP HSV210 600508B40006A99A0000C000016C0000 4
SQST Disk 7 N
8 HP HSV210 600508B40006A8880000C00000410000 8
SQST Disk 8 N

C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP MPIO DSM\EVA DSM\x86>

Any help would be really appreciated.
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Re: LUN Multipath


I was kind of wondering if 8 paths to every dis k is not inefficient and possibly will fragment the bandwidth between the HBA cards and the desk.

Since the EVA only has two controllers, 2 paths to every disk is usually sufficient.

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Re: LUN Multipath


On each EVA controller, we have 4 ports which are connected on fiber switch and thats how host see each vdisk with 8 paths.


Re: LUN Multipath

This is a Windows/Storage question - not sure what its doing in the HP-UX section.

You are completely sure that disk 7 is configured the same are you? You've actually checked the presentations thru command view?

Note that disk 7 sees 4 of its 8 paths suggesting that its not configured to be seen out of one controller, or has been presented to the wrong host.

Ho back and check Command View again.

(and SEP... 8 paths are usual for EVA8000 - nothing to worry about there).



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Re: LUN Multipath

Not sure if the devices created for EVA disks are sufficient or not? You may wanna try the following command to create all the required device files:

# insf -e

and then check the disks path again.

Back to original question, multiple paths are okey, they will all be taken care of by multipathing software.

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Re: LUN Multipath

Review the ports that are added to the vDisk and make sure any redundant ports are added on the vDisk definition in CommandView.
Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.