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Moving disks between XP512s


Moving disks between XP512s


I just got an XP512 which i'll be using for my test environment and is looking for ways to copy data from production to test. The production XP (identical to my test XP) has business copy of the data I need.

Can I move the data this way? :

1. Split the business copy volumes. I dont have a need for BC anymore.
2. Take out the physical disks from the XP (prod) and transfer it to the test XP.
3. Present those disks to the test server
4. vgscan/vgimport the disks into the test server

The reason I'm exploring this method is the XPs are on different locations so I cannot do the usual lvm mirrorring technique. I also do not need BC on production anymore so I thought about using those disks from the BC.

Will this work? Also, can someone advise how to idetify those disks physically on the XP and how to effectively mount them on the test XP.

Or maybe comments on a better approach pls. Thanks a lot!
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Re: Moving disks between XP512s

You want to transfer the disks together with the data from XP1 to XP2?

Not possible!
Consider to take a backup and transfer this from one server to another.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Moving disks between XP512s

i 100% fully agree with torsten. it won't work this way. so i guess, your questions about identifying the disks physically and mounting them don't apply anymore. ever consider CA (Continuous Access)?

Re: Moving disks between XP512s

Thanks for your comments. I agree this is indeed not doable. We cant get CA (budget issues), so I guess I'll just use tapes.

Thanks again.