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MSA 20 with what controller???

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MSA 20 with what controller???


I have an MSA 20 with 8 X 750 GB SATA 3.5" drives. I want to add 4 more drives thus giving my 12 drives in all. I want to configure to get the biggest logical drive available with Hotspare. What controller do I need to do this? Server is DL380 G5, P400 controller, 6400 series controller. Do I need a different controller to go over the 2TB limitation?
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Re: MSA 20 with what controller???

The MSA20 is a U320 SCSI enclosure so it can only be used with 640x, 642, 6i controllers.


There is a Note in the above doc about a 2TB LUN limit but that is under the MSA1500 array setup.

The controllers are found in


All the U320SCSI are PCI-X based, do you have a PCI-X slot on your server?

In the 642 quick specs there is mention of a 6TB limit for the entire controller but no mention of a LUN limit.