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MSA 500 and Windows Server 2008 WSFC

Occasional Advisor

MSA 500 and Windows Server 2008 WSFC

Windows Server 2008 and WSFC (Windows Server Failover Clustering) does not support Parallel SCSI, only Fibre, iSCSI and SAS. What options do I have to integrate an MSA 500 with a Server 2008 Failover Cluster?

Dan Foxley
New Member

Re: MSA 500 and Windows Server 2008 WSFC

I just purchased a $30,000 DL360 G5 cluster with 14 15k 300gb drives in a MSA 500. I purchased the cluster for windows 2008 failover clustering. I cant believe Microsoft would not inform users sooner about not suporting parrell scsi in windows 2008 clustering. Most of the clusters sold by HP are parrell scsi. They pulled the same stunt with Exchange 2007 and the Hub, Edge and Store servers. Microsoft is going to loose allot of updates these policies.