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MSA P2000 G3 - Poor performance after the replacement of controller


MSA P2000 G3 - Poor performance after the replacement of controller

Hi Community


about 4 weeks ago one of the controllers in our MSA failed. During the replacement we had issues when both controllers thought they were owners of the vdisks. We had to power off both controllers to resolve the problem


Once the controller was replaced I noticed very slow performance during the storage vmotion. 


we have two vdisks:


vdisk-1 -    16 x 600GB 10K disks in RAID6

vdisk-2 -    8  x 600GB 10K disks in RAID6


Both vdisks are owned by the new controller. 


When i move VM from vdisk 1 to vdisk 2 it works as expected. However, when I move the VM in the opposite direction, from vdisk 2 to vdisk 1 it takes 5 times longer. When I run command "show vdisk-statistics vdisk-1" I see about 30MB/s throughput. 


The problem started right after the controller was replaced. I have double checked everything I could remember - SAN, paths ,ALUA, VAAI, but results are the same. MSA log has no errors/warnings.


HP Support has been useless so far. The only recommendation I received was to change the owner of the vdisk, but I can't stop VMs we ran on this vdisk now.


Therefore, I thought I might seek for some advice here.


I will really apreciate any idea on where to look for the cause of the problem.



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Re: MSA P2000 G3 - Poor performance after the replacement of controller

Check if the firmware is TS251R004. (current).

Check also, if the controllers report a problem with the flash card. This may cause a disabled write cache. Usually you see such message in the logs right after a controller boot.


Search the web for "c04034890":



Hope this helps!

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Re: MSA P2000 G3 - Poor performance after the replacement of controller

Hi Torsten. thanks for your ideas.


The compactflash is just fine. Me and HP support has double checked all event and logs. 


We don't run the latest firmware yet. What I also found out is that when I present volumes from these vdisks to the Windows server the copy process between disks goes really fast. So, now I start to think it has something to do with ESXi/VAAI plugin.