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MSA1000 adding new disks

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MSA1000 adding new disks

Hello All.

our system is MSA1000 with one disk enclusure 10 disks "146GB". 9 configured RAID5 and 1 for hotspare usage.
now we are planning to add another 4 disks with 300GB each.
for these 4 new DIsks, if we used 3 as raid 5 and 1 as hotspare for that new raid5 i will lose 2 disks and only use 600GB.
what i am thinking is to replace the OLD hotspare"146GB", "for the OLD 9 DISKS", with a new 300GB disk. then use this DISK as hotspare for the old 9 disks"146GB" and also for the new 4 disks"300GB".
If i did that, i will use 900GB instead of 600GB.

if this can be done so recommending a documentaion will be so much appreciated.


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Re: MSA1000 adding new disks

You can use the 300GB disk as a global spare, but you still will have only 3 x 300GB in your new raid5 set and 300GB of capacity will be used for parity information.
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Re: MSA1000 adding new disks

You can go ahead with on 300 gig as a global spare for both the arrays.

When using spares,consider the following:

â ¢ A spare must be the same type (SCSI or SATA) as other drives in the array.

â ¢ A spare should be the same size (or larger) and speed (or faster) as other drives in the array. Using smaller/slower drives reduces performance of the array should the spare become active.

â ¢ A hard drive can be assigned as a spare to more than one array.

Hope this helps..