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MSA2000fcvds.dll pinning 1 core and constant vds.log write

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MSA2000fcvds.dll pinning 1 core and constant vds.log write

So I semi inherited a new server at work and am trying to get familiar with it. It's an HP Proliant of some model (I'm not in the same location and no one has provided me the login for the System manager yet...) In monitoring its performance over the last few days I've noticed one of the cores has been pinned more or less the entire time. After some digging I've traced it to MSA2000fcvds.dll. This thread is constantly writing to vds.log with the following line.


Apr 09, 2014 13:40:38: [11656] Run to .\iasocket.cpp 108


Of course the time changes and when the file gets to a certain size it gets overwritten.


I don't THINK this is normal behaviour (if so, sounds like a poor design).. My gut tells me something wasn't configured properly and it's stuck in some loop.


Since I'm not in the same location as the server, physical access is pretty limited. I know there is a huge disk array connected somehow.


Can anyone point me to where I might look next to remedy this?