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Odd san error

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Odd san error

Everyone I am getting the below:
Nov 24 00:03:09 dallas syslog: CVSDM; MAJOR WARNING Event Code=400; Description=116: Target
Sense Key = 0xff -- Target ASC = 0xff -- Target ASCQ = 0xff -- Target Physical LBA = 0x00 --
The host Pass through request was not successfull. This could be due to a LIP or Hot Reset
of the device.loop/enclosureId/slot : 0x00/0x00/0x81; controller tick : 242100
55600310; serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR02C52212/0xb6/0x118; ; Hardware Address=1/0/12/
1/; FRU Location=JA0/C2; Vendor ID=HP; Model ID=A6218A; Product S/N=00USE000
03XX; Latest information on this event at http://docs.hp.com/hpux/content/hardware/ems/Remot

But everything in the armdsp -a command comes back normal. I did get a notification of:

The IBS Production SAN "Good" count should be 112 for all OK status.
The last "Good" count was 112. It is now at 110.

any idea's.
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Re: Odd san error

Hi Adam,

For me, it looks the slot or the device on the slot at 1/ generate this event and having some issue.

Since this is major warning, it is better to invole HP to do hardware diagnostics.
Best wishes,

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Re: Odd san error

I agree and I am waiting for their callback. I have already opened a case, but I like to resolve issues before they can LOL!

Found this in the armdsp -a command:

Disk at M/D8:
Status:_______________________________Init Failed
Disk State:___________________________Init Failed
Vendor ID:____________________________
Product ID:___________________________
Product Revision:_____________________
Data Capacity:________________________512 bytes (1 blocks)
Block Length:_________________________0 bytes
Node WWN:_____________________________fc
Initialize State:_____________________Failing
Redundancy Group:_____________________65536
Volume Set Serial Number:_____________0000000010059688
Serial Number:________________________3HX0AMNV
Firmware Revision:____________________

But How do I use this information to locate the failing disk? I also see this in the armdsp command

WARNING: A hot plug event has occurred that the controller is still processing
There are two types of people in the world, Marines and those who wish they were.
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Re: Odd san error

FINALLY found the bad drive in Launcher. It didn't show up for a while but it is there now. Thanks
There are two types of people in the world, Marines and those who wish they were.