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P2000 - experience with iSCSI ?

Occasional Contributor

P2000 - experience with iSCSI ?

Hello !


We want to buy a p2000 as a storagesystem for a small esx-cluster, but are not sure which controller to choose.


iSCSI (1 GB) would be the best financialwise - but I've heard from 2 guys that the performance is poor. They recommend to use FC.


As I don't have any experience with this system - what do you suggest?


We want to start with 2 esx-hosts (DL380G7 2xhexacore) with up to 30 vms (standard W2K8 with 4 GB ram, no special applications). And we want to use BackupExec with avvi as the backupsolution - attached into the san - not via the vm's.


Any recommendations ?


Thx in advance