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P2000 G3 Hard-Drive Compatibility with MSA2000G1 Drives


P2000 G3 Hard-Drive Compatibility with MSA2000G1 Drives


I have to do a Storage Migration soon (MSA2012i G1 -> P2000G3). An additional Drive Enclosure is connected to the MSA2012i-Head-Unit. The old Head-Unit will stay into Service productively, there is just some Data migrated off this one to the new P2000G3 Unit.

I would ease my Job _a lot_, if I just could swap out the separate MSA2000 Drive Enclosure with the new P2000G3 Unit and put the Drives from the Enclosure into the P2000G3 Unit (HP 450 GB 15k SAS 3G Drives, Type: ST3450856SS; two Units in RAID1) and reconfigure the attached Mappings on the P2000G3 and the Server.

I know of the Migration-Whitepaper and the Possibility to connect MSA2000 Enclosures to a P2000G3 (with special SAS-Cables), but I'm lacking the Space in the Rack.

So would the MSA2000G1-Series Drives fit into the P2000G3 Unit and (more importantly) will the P2000 read the Metadata and have access to the Data ?

If not, I have to do an Backup & Restore Migration which requires a lenghty Downtime instead of a very short one.


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