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raid5 upgrade w/image

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raid5 upgrade w/image

situation: ML370G2, 3-18GB drives, raid5, 2 partitions C-OS, D-Data (SQL2000). I have 3 new 72GB drives that I want to use because I'm running out of room.

I have Ghost (made customized BartPE with Ghost 11+Ghost cast),and I have Acronis TrueImange server 9.1 boot disk).

I plan to boot to Ghost disk and ghostcast an image to a remote Wkstn, and also use Acronis to do the same just in case (this is a live production server, and I have it scheduled to be offline tonight for this, but can take no chances with failure). Then down the server, replace the 3 drives, boot the the SmartStar 5.5 cd, use the ACU to create new partitions. then reboot to the Acronis (or ghost if needed) CD and bring the image back down to the new partitions.

QUESTION: Am I missing anything? or doing anything wrong? Have I covered all my bases?

Thanks, need to know soon...