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Reduce VDisk-Size Command View 7.1 - EVA4000

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Reduce VDisk-Size Command View 7.1 - EVA4000


I recently upgraded my Command View from 6.0 to the version 7.1 because I read that in this version of command view we are able to reduce the size (capacity) of a virtual disk.
Now I have the problem that when I try to reduce the vdisk's size I get the following error: "Vdisk size reduction not supported". But in the manuals and Release-notes that feature is supportet. Are there some other changes to do before I can use this advantage?
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Re: Reduce VDisk-Size Command View 7.1 - EVA4000

Maybe the controller firmware (XCS) is too low.

Please be VERY careful when reducing a virtual disk's size! The EVA simply cuts of the unneeded disk blocks. As EVA only deals with data blocks and does not know what a file system is, it will not:
- move files from this area
- shrink the file system
- shrink the partition table