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Reg BC lun allocation..to another node

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Reg BC lun allocation..to another node

Hi guys,
M having a problem regarding presenting/assigning luns two disks for which i am taking a BC ...

i.e. m having a BC disk named HPBC_XYZZ which m trying to present to two nodes at a time...

out of which one node A already has the vg's activated and mounted....
Andi wuld like to use the same data from that disk i.e. HPBC_XYZZ on another node B...

hw do i do it ????????

is it possible ?????
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Re: Reg BC lun allocation..to another node


It would help to know what kind of an array you are using.

Yes most EVA based systems will permit this. You use the windows DL380 based console on the storage to do this.

Note if you do something silly like try and mount an oracle standard edition database from two nodes you will corrupt your data.

Please see the documentation for your disk array for further, more specific information.

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