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Replacing 12H autoraid controller

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Replacing 12H autoraid controller


I have a server and a 12H autoraid in a colocation far away. Now that one of the battery of the controller is dead, and the people at coloc don't know how to change the battery. Can I just send them another controller with good battery and have them insert it in the autoraid? Any path conflict when inserting this controller?

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Re: Replacing 12H autoraid controller

I would not do it like that because you could have different firmware versions in the same enclosure. I would simply send them a new battery pack with instructions on how to change it. It takes well under 5 minutes per controller. I assume that this 12H has 2 controllers; if so, there is no need to even shutdown the array. Simply pull the controller (the other controller will handle the traffic assuming that the host(s) are connected to both controllers and that alternate paths are in use); remove and replace the battery pack; and re-insert the controller. It will reinitiaze itself and come ready and the array will stay up the whole time.

Of course, you could shutdown the attached hosts or unmmount the filesystems and deactivate the volume group and then shutdown the array and do a cold replacement of the battery pack.
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Re: Replacing 12H autoraid controller

You probably want to check the new controller has the battery packs included. I think there isn't any. Anyway, I would also suggest to replace the battery pack even if the controller has new battery packs included.
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Re: Replacing 12H autoraid controller

hi Jason,

Battery replacement is relatively easy for the autoraid controller. Me too would advise replacing the batteries instead of the controller itself.

good luck!

kind regards
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