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Replacing failed drive


Replacing failed drive


I am reading this guide about hot-pluggable SCSI ultra 320 drvies:


and there is something, what I do not understand. (On side one the drive indicators) Why I cant remove the drive that the HP smart array controller has detected a predictive drive failure on it? (It is when the first indicator from left is blinking, the middle is shining and the third is blinking) When a drive is online and is in a array that is configured for fault tolerance and all other drives in the array are online too, I can remove it. So why I cant remove the drive in the same array with detected predictive failure on it?

Can anybody please explain me this? Thank you.


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Re: Replacing failed drive

No, yo cannot remove a disk from an array unless it has been marked as failed (red cross permanently light up).
In all other cases the disk is still being accessed and there's data going in and out of it.
Usually if you remove a disk a disk while online, the controller times out on all pending operations on it and takes it as a disk failure, but removing a disk while online is not supported and can lead to data loss.