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San layout

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San layout

I have a rp7410 - 2 cells, 4 hbas in each cell.
I have a MSA1000 and a va7410.
I have 2 AA979A switches. - not in use yet!
The arrays are currently direct connected to the servers.
I would like to create a san, with the prod server connected to both the MSA and VA7410 luns, and the Dev server connected to small luns on both the MSA and the VA7410.
What would be the best layout for this ??
Any input would appreciated.
Thanks Mike

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Re: San layout

hi ,

i would do :-

switch 1 - two hbas from each cell , 1 x msa1000 and 1 x rp7410
ditto switch 2
set up zones for each of the end to end connections and then use ssp on the msa1000 and va7410 to present the luns to the appropriate connections.
this would give you redundancy with pathing to the disks for maint and errors. assume you have multipath software already.

hope this helps

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Re: San layout


you seem to have posted this twice !
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Re: San layout

>Mark: you seem to have posted this twice!

We can delete this one if you copy your reply to the other thread: