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SCSI ID of disk

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SCSI ID of disk


Few days back we have replaced 2 disk drive from our storage(attached to Host via fiber).
So will it change SCSI ID of disk ?

In any case how should i check the SCSI id of the storage disk ?
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Re: SCSI ID of disk

What kind of storage is it?

It's fibre channel connected. Most FC storage devices are using FC connected disks too, there is no SCSI ID.
Pure SCSI enclosures have the ID mostly bound to the slot.

Hope this helps!

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Re: SCSI ID of disk

is your storage a disk array? if it is, you do not need to worry about the scsi id, it's being taken care by the array hardware. anyway, if you wanna know if the address of the disk (scsi id or wwn) has changed, just send us the 'ioscan -fnC disk' output from the system, before and after the replacement. if both appeared the same, then there is no changes in the hardware address of the disks.