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Smart Array 641 LED possibilities

New Member

Smart Array 641 LED possibilities

Hello all,

is it possible to make a HotPlug HDD LED flashing (or similar) by usage of Array Configuration Utility?
A remote user wants to replace a HotPlug HDD in order to expand the Array (Raid 1+0) and beside telling him the SlotID of the replacement disks, i wonder if there is the possibility to "tell" him by flashing the desired LED. (As far as i know all LEDs are flashing when i use the Array Configuration Utility).

Kind regards
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Re: Smart Array 641 LED possibilities


you known what for example if you have several logical drive and if you select one all those HDDs for that logical drive will flash blue but I have not tried selecting just one HDDs of that logical drive for example selecting physical view and select just one HDD if that only HDD will flash blue

until today I knew about different logical drive if you have more that one but specific HDDs I will need to go to lab and test that

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