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upgrade EVA4000 to EVA6000

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upgrade EVA4000 to EVA6000


I want to upgrade EVA4000 to EVA6000. we purchased the license to do the unlimited CV upgrade, however the license is only for CV7 and we have CV6.
Should we got the license for CV6 upgrade from 4k to 6k?
should we go with the upgrade without inserting the new key into CV.
I tried the key in CV but it doesn't work since it is designed with the new licensing for CV7.
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Re: upgrade EVA4000 to EVA6000

Command View 7 and 8 licenses are different from the ones for Command View 6.

I suppose you have purchased this:

HP CV EVA 3k/4k Upgd to 6k Series Unlim LTU T5185A

But first you need to have the Unlimited LTU on the EVA4000, since Only HP Command View Unlimited LTUs can be upgraded between HP EVA models.

Talk to your sales representative or try to generate the license for CV6 in www.webware.hp.com

Or you can upgrade both licenses to the new system and install Command View 8, it has some new features, and you need it for the lastest firmware.
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Re: upgrade EVA4000 to EVA6000

Actually i've done the upgrade, even without the usage of the license, right now my EVA does not have any upgrade license and it is working with no problems.
Same thing for BC and CA, even after the addition of the disk enclosures and loop switches. BC and CA works fine even without the upgrade license.
Apparently before CV 7 all those licenses mean nothing for the systems, you might upgrade everything without any license and it won't even asks you.

maybe later i will upgrade to CV 7.