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VA7410 Lost Connection to Hosts

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VA7410 Lost Connection to Hosts


I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my situation. I have a VA7410 with dual controllers connected to 2 RP5470's (clustered with serviceguard). Yesterday I lost both paths on both systems to the VA and the only lights out of the ordinary are the host lights are flashing green on the controllers. Other than that, no amber lights and everything looks as expected. I rebooted the systems and cannot run the arm commands. When I run an ioscan -fnC disk it just comes up with local disks. Not sure where to go from here being that we should have redundancy. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance
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Re: VA7410 Lost Connection to Hosts

think you have lost the connection to the VA7410. if this VA7410 is connected to the hosts via a san switch, please check the port status of the san switch to confirm if the switch can see both controllers of the VA7410. if it can't you will need to investigate from the VA7410. you can connect a terminal to the serial port of one of the controllers and run the commands :

'dsp -c'
'dsp -d'
'dsp -e'
'dsp -f'
'dsp -s'

to check on the controller, disk, enclosure, fru and status of the VA7410.