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Re: Yes, I have feedback

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Yes, I have feedback

Yes, I have feedback to share.  Maybe you feel the same as I do.  As a long time supporter of HP(e), I see quality slipping.

My feedback was longer than 500 characters.  In fact, it only accepted the first line of my message below.  I'm pretty sure it's way under 500 characters.  So, because you won't accept my message I'm going to post it for the world to see.


HPe support has been slipping in the last few years.

Not only are the servers getting shipped with poor driver and application support, but we're running into far more hardware issues.
It's a clear lowering of quality. Sadly, when it was Compaq, the quality was higher across the board. HP and HPe have been a downhill slide for quite some time. Every time we read about 'cost cutting' at HPe, we know the next series of HPe servers will suck just a little more.

Specifics: your website is still unusable, the HPe server intelligent provisioning is a joke (rarely works as advertised), getting support packs is so hard it makes filing taxes look as easy as standing in line at the DMV. HPe phone support has never been worse, you make me not want to call for help. If I didn't know your product line so well, I'd have given up long ago.

As far as the website goes: Can't you just let me put in my serial number and then you show me all the latest drivers for my hardware? Is that so hard? [competing manufacturer] did this years ago, and OUR MUTUAL CUSTOMERS KNOW THIS. They remind me every time I see them how hard it is to get drivers. In the past, I used Google to locate drivers, but even that doesn't work properly any more.

We can see the writing on the wall that you're making everything harder. That just means a fatter bottom line when people can't get help. Before long, we'll have to activate servers on the Internet before we'll be allowed to use ILO! Just be aware, that all these tactics will only work for so long. As a long time Compaq/HP Partner you're working as hard as you can to sour our relationship with you.

I'll bet you won't even read this.

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Re: Yes, I have feedback


I am very sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. I have sent you a private message. Request you to please reply to the private message so that our concerned team can reach out to you.

I work for HPE
[Any personal opinions expressed are mine, and not official statements on behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise]