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backup recovery

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backup recovery

Hi everyone...
one of my datafile is corrupted due to hard disk crash. now i have offline backup of whole database taking one month ago. right now i try to take backup of all database from damage hard disk (simply copy paste to another disk)but one datafile is unable to copy paste to another location which is appro 2gb in size. here hpux is os and sap ecc 5.0 and oracle 9.0 is in use
Now my question is
1)how to take backup of corrupted data file from oracle server(if possible)
2)if all copy data is paste to new hard disk and only recover corrupted data file from old offline backup(tape device). then will system run from the current date and with no errors??
How is it possible..??

plz help me...

thanks in advance...!
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Re: backup recovery


if you have all the redologs from your offline backup on, it is possible.
Normally it is impossible to re-attach a
datafile that has been offline for one month
to a current database without having the redologs.

We'll need more information.
- which and how many files are affected?
SAPs "old" tablespace layout did seperate
Indexes and data. So the names of the files
might give a clue.
- do you have redolog backups from the offline backup on until now.
- how does the "corruption" show? Do you have any messages that you can post.


Re: backup recovery

Hi Volker

here we try to copy paste(manually) whatever we r getting from the damage hard disk to another location. data file no 13 is supposed to be corrupted because it cant not paste to another location.this is one reason that i know datafile 13 is corrupted.

- i have backup of redolog files which are just now copy paste manually from the damage hard disk

--old tablespace have same index and data

alert_SID.LOG file is attach with this
plz check it and help me as early as poss

if any other information requied then will provide

thanks a lot
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Re: backup recovery

Your alert log says nothing about any datafiles being unreadable. If there were a corrupt datafile in the DB chances are the DB would not even start.

What data is in that datafile? Can you run any queries against that data?
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Re: backup recovery


the alertlog is not complaining about a
faulty datafile, but some stuff in ORACLE_HOME.

Do a "bdf" and please indicate what filesystems are defective.

If possible, do
ls -l /oracle/???/sapdata*/*_*/*.*
to list all the datafiles.
Indicate which of these files are defective.

As far as redologs are concerned:
You will need all the logs from the backup you made on. Just the ones that are on disk are most likely not enough. You are doing archivelog backups with brarchive, do you?

Please do an
ls -lart /oracle/???/sapbackup | tail -n 10
ls -lart /oracle/???/saparch | tail -n 10
and if existing
ls -lart /oracle/???/oraarch | tail -n 10

This is just for me to see, what kind of backups you have available.


Re: backup recovery


Right now, i have only whole offline backup in tape device, which made one month ago.

-- NO archive backup from that date by brarchive
-- only manual copy archive files backup from damage disk to anothe disk is available
-- right now system analyst work with old as well as new hard disks.

sir wht to do??

is there only one solution ie restore old offline backup from tape device???, but it loss the data from that date
is there any other way?

plz do reply

thanks a lot
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Re: backup recovery


if you do not tell us what is damaged, how
can we evaluate if there is an option
other than loosing one month of work?

And NO, you will not be able to re-integrate
part of that one month old backup into your current system without recovery of archive logs. If you still have them somewhere on disk doesn't matter as long as you have them.

Tape is in the drive now?
I hope it is write protected?

With the information given up to now, I see
no other way than to restore the old backup and loose one month of work.

If on the other hand only index datafiles or tempfiles are defective, there might be a way out.


Re: backup recovery

now New hard disk are attach and os with file system is ready.
Now i have to recover database from tape device which made one month ago so i tried by using brtools utility of sap

-- initally it shows message related to control files that inconsistancy in two files.
so i did changes parameters of pfile like contol_files location to change single file

-- now system unable to read control file and display error
ora -00205 :error in identifying controlfile.
check alert log for more info this is error message

so now how i can recover my db

some part of alert_sid.log is attach

plz refer and help me

thanks !
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Re: backup recovery


the alertlog clearly shows, that the filename of the controlfile is garbled with esc-sequences. So I guess your terminal emulation when editing the pfile was somewhat inapropriate.

HOW exactly did you do the restore?

In /oracle/???/sapbackup you should find a *.rsb file containing the log of your restore.
grep for "command_line" to get the exact invocation of brrestore you called.

If convenient, please attach the entire restore log.


Re: backup recovery

Hi volkar..!

the file redhuqtd.rsb is attach.
and through brrestore i restore the data
-- brrestore

even after control file is not identified then i did
-- brrstore -m 0(zero)

then i apply all ther permission to control files
-- chmod 777 (all three control files)
but still i got error at startup force
--ora 00205 error in identifying control file plz chek log file

this is the scnario

if any other information required then provide plz responce as early as possible....