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control file problem


control file problem

hi !
i try to restore my offline backup data from my tape device to my system.
-sap ecc 5.0 , hp ux os is in use
now by using Brtools utility i started recovey option but due to changes in my hardware(2 hard disk are replaced due to damage and mount with new filesystem) there is error in control file
-- incositancy in control files showing timestamp
so then i update parameter in pfile ie control files to single file so that oracle server can read single control file and removes insonsitancy but now there is another error mesage ie

--error in identifying control file ora 00205
some part of alertlog is attach
plz go through it and help me to solve the error ragading the control file and procedure of backup of db

any infor requires then provide ..

thanks you...!
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Re: control file problem


when you say yo restored your offline backup data , were the control file(s) included ?

the error in your alert log suggest the control file is not in the indicated location.
D/oracle/GMD/origlogA/cntrl/cntrlGMD.dbf' => is this the control filename ?

earlier in the alert log 3 control files were indicated. If a control file is damaged it can be replaced with a good one (but the database must be shut down).

fiat lux

Re: control file problem


are there special (wrong) characters in the controlfile name?

Tue May 25 22:16:14 2010
ORA-00202: controlfile: 'oracle [D [D [D [D [D [D/oracle/GMD/origlogA/cntrl/cntrlGMD.dbf'
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status

greetings H.-P.
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Re: control file problem

If the control file information was changed to something oracle does not understand (cf. the non readable characters), you must change it

This can be done with :
- shutdown the intance
- startup nomount => the control file is not opened yet.
- alter system set control_files =

(I used 2 control files but you should probably put 3 as you had originally)
then shutdown/startup

you can check the controlfiles location with :
select name, value from v$spparameter
where name = 'control_files';

fiat lux