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dl380 g5 and dl385 g2 xen issues

New Member

dl380 g5 and dl385 g2 xen issues

dl380 g5 / dual quad core / 16 gb / p400
dl385 g2 / dual dual core / 12 gb / p400

both with most recent firmware

redhat 4 u4 + xen 3.0.4 ( xen source rpms )

With either box DomO won't boot, hangs.

I have also tried RedHat 5 beta 2, I can get the g5 to boot the Dom0 but hangs when trying to start a DomU, the g2 when booting loops over and over with usb detection issues.

And from the xen source 3.0.3 live cd, I can get the Debian image to boot the Dom0 and a DomU, but neither SuSe or the CentOS images boot, both hang.

Just wondering if anyone had been playing around with similar experiences.



Re: dl380 g5 and dl385 g2 xen issues

We have a similar problem on one of our DL380 G5s. When we upgraded to the 11/08/06 firmware NetWare 6.5 hangs just after the booting from HD C: prompt. If I switch to the backup ROM, the server boots normally. I've installed on a few Windows 2003 servers and they are working fine.