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installing PSP remotely w/ ssh

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installing PSP remotely w/ ssh

So I've copied the PSP over w/ scp to the remote machine along with a txt file with the options I want set.

If I ssh into the remote server and issue the command "sudo ~/compaq/csp/linux/ --nui --silent --inputfile ~/"

This will install the PSP fine. However, If I try to do the install from my local machine vith the command

"ssh remotehost cd ~/compaq/csp/linux;sudo --nui --silent --inputfile ~/"

I will recieve a whole bunch of errors of the form

tput error: unknown terminal "unknown" and the install program will install the PSP but never exit with a return code.

This is problematic as I'm trying to script a mass deployment of the PSP to several hundred host, rather then log into each one and install the psp.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: installing PSP remotely w/ ssh

I'm wondering if it could be something to do with the environment variable setting in: /etc/profile

Have you checked the value for $TERM?
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Re: installing PSP remotely w/ ssh

Nah, the issue is when you remote-execute a command via ssh, a psudeo-tty isn't fully associated with the connection, so it's in a funky state.

I've not tried it, but have you tried using 'ssh -n ....' or redirecting /dev/null into stdin?
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