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Re: owner Permission changed automatically HP-unix

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owner Permission changed automatically HP-unix

i have face issue sometimes that. some application file/directory owner permission has been chnaged.

i have change again change the permission by command "chmod 775 filename" ( user login in root)

But after some time again i have face this issue.

Is there any other way to change file permission for permanent?





Re: owner Permission changed automatically HP-unix

Possibly using ACLs (Access Control Lists), but I've never used them myself and couldn't tell you what commands to run - you'd need to study the man pages and the  figure it out. If it's the root user that is changing the file/directory back to the wrong setting, then I don't think ACLs will prevent it.

Wouldn't it be better to try and figure out who/what is making the change and prevent it? 

Anyway if you want to learn about ACLs I'd start with the summary man page for aclv and then also look at the man page for getacl and setacl


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