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Problem with adding 3rd node to Oracle RAC 10g

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Problem with adding 3rd node to Oracle RAC 10g

We have working cluster based on Oracle RAC and HP-UX 11.31 on two Itanium nodes (HP rx6600 and HP rx2620). Storage is configured on HP EVA 4100, and managed by ASM. OCR and Voting disks are accessible to nodes as shared RAW (character) devices. Everything goes well. Now we are in the process of replacing old rx2620 node with new rx6600 server. The scenario is to add new server as new node to the cluster, and then delete old node from configuration.
All prereq procedures we have made successfully, and successfully installs CRS software at the new node. However, by running the script the following failure occurs:
bash-3.2# sh /orabin/product/CRS/
WARNING: directory '/orabin/product' is not owned by root
Checking to see if Oracle CRS stack is already configured
Setting the permissions on OCR backup directory
Setting up NS directories
Failed to upgrade Oracle Cluster Registry configuration

The log file in the according CRS log directory contains:
Oracle Database 10g CRS Release Production Copyright 1996, 2008 Oracle. All rights reserved.
2010-07-20 09:43:15.199: [ OCRCONF][1]ocrconfig starts...
2010-07-20 09:43:15.243: [ OCRCONF][1]Upgrading OCR data
2010-07-20 09:43:15.367: [ OCRCONF][1]OCR already in current version.
2010-07-20 09:43:15.742: [ OCRCONF][1]Failed to call clsssinit (21)
2010-07-20 09:43:15.742: [ OCRCONF][1]Failed to make a backup copy of OCR
2010-07-20 09:43:15.742: [ OCRCONF][1]Exiting [status=failed]...

Permissions and ownership of the OCR character device:
bash-3.2# ll /dev/rasm/rocr
crw-r----- 1 root oinstall 23 0x000016 Jul 14 10:45 /dev/rasm/rocr

ocrdump and ocrconfig works fine on a new node.

What might be the problem?