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3par Adaptive Optimization from System Reporter

New Member

3par Adaptive Optimization from System Reporter

Hello Everyone,
I am very new to 3par systems. I have a F400 array in my datacenter which has around 600GB of SSD and around 60TB of Nearline disk in it. I got couple of heavy DB servers which runs ETL reports one a week. And when they run reports, I need to move there CPG's from NL disk to SSD's and when ETL reports are done move them back to NL. Is there a way to automate this thing using adaptive optimization. And also I moved couple of CPG's from NL to SSD by using adaptive optimization. Is there a way to move those CPG's back to nearline disk as they no longer need SSD's

Thank You
New Member

Re: 3par Adaptive Optimization from System Reporter

Hi Rama,
The best possible way to do this is using the tunevv command on the inserv.

Please use tunevv -h to understand the best option for you.

Adaptive Optimization will not be the right choice for you since AO will always think that these are hotblocks and retain it. AO will ofcourse move these blocks to the NL drives when it derives that the usage on the blocks are lesser.