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Alarma CPG allocation Space 95%

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Alarma CPG allocation Space 95%

Hi all, I have a F200 3PAR disks configured with FC and NL. I have two domains and several CPGs in each of them.

In total free space on all F200 I have a lot, but one of the CPGs tells me that 92% of wild space and has 30 GB free capacity.

I understood that I have CPGs grow dynamically and never reach 100%. I have not configured Allocation Limit.

Do I have to worry about? Do I have to empty the CPG and create another?


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Re: Alarma CPG allocation Space 95%

I guess this is a false alarm as long the CPG has no defined limit. I've seen this warning at customer site every time when the CPG was just before the actual expand. You could try to create a new CPG and test with a thin volume. Write data into it to allocate chunklets until warning is dropped and continue writing. I think the CPG will just expand the fall below the alarm level again.

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