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Convert from FPVV to TPVV

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Convert from FPVV to TPVV


Please help me!

I'm have 3par system with 2 FPVV.

I convert FPVV volume to TPVV volume, but my host (Windows 2012R2) not indentify lun as thinprovision disk.

Any advice?


Re: Convert from FPVV to TPVV


Converting FPVV to TPP for storage space optimization. Hope you know, TPVV uses storage space on demand. If FPVV storage space is largely unused, you may choose to convert it to TPVV to save Storage space.

In geneal hosts does not know the underlying storage volume type.




Re: Convert from FPVV to TPVV

Hi SergeyStep,

Please find the below microsoft link regarding the provision type change,



Run-time Provisioning Type or LUN Capacity Changes

A storage administrator may change the provisioning type or the capacity of the LUN. When the provisioning type or LUN capacity is changed, the storage array raises a UNIT ATTENTION sense condition that returns the correct information when the sense data is requested. Windows Server logs a system event to alert the system administrator of the provisioning type or LUN capacity change.

You may check in your windows host if the respective system event is reported on the privioning type change,

Accordingly,  you may run diskpart rescan to update the changes and check.

Thanks and Regards,

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