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HPE Recovery Manager for Hyper-V page not launched

New Member

HPE Recovery Manager for Hyper-V page not launched


i am installing HP Recovery Manager for Hyper-V 2.3.0 for taking backup of Virtual machines. I didnt find installation error but when i launched page https://<Servername>:5555/Server/HTML5 then it gives error 

Request Error

The server encountered an error processing the request. See server logs for more details.

When i checked log file then it gives me this information: 

[2017-06-06 14:05:00.0674 (001408.000004)] [RmhService.OnStart [Info]RMH Web Service Started: https://localhost:5555/Server/
[2017-06-06 14:10:54.0726 (001408.000006)] [RmhServerWebService.GetFile [Error]Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\HP\3PAR\RMHyper-V\Html5\index.html'.

I found that there is no HTML5 folder exists in RMHyper-V folder. Please suggest solution for this problem