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Add a new disk on a Hp Server 9000/800/L1000-44

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Add a new disk on a Hp Server 9000/800/L1000-44


I would like to add add additionnal disc space on a Hp Server 900/800/L1000-44.

I need about 320 GB of space i don't know if it is possible.

Should some one can tell me more.

Thank in advance.


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Re: Add a new disk on a Hp Server 9000/800/L1000-44

There are a few things you could do, but it depends on your current configuration and what you are willing to spend.


The L class (or rp5400) support up to 4 internal disk drives.  If, for example, you are only using two of them for your root VG (Vg00) you have room for two 146GB disk drives (the largest I have seen for these systems).  That gets you close to what you are seeking.


Otherwise, you will need to attach some storage.  The easiest and most basic would be a DS2120 (or DS2110) storage system.  Its a basic LVD SCSI "JBOD" that can hold up to 4 disks.  Disk sizes for these range up to 300GB I beleive, so no problems there.  However, there are limitiations such as all disks would be on one controller.  So if you seek better performance, get two of them and place them on different SCSI interfaces.  Speaking of such, you may be able to just attach this to the Core I/O card, but I would suggest a separate LVD SCSI interface card.  Given you have an L1000, you have a few slots that are disabled, so you need to install the card in slots 8 - 12 only. 



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