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Async connection - low speed support

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Async connection - low speed support


We have a RP 5470 with internal async board.
We do not know exactly the model.
May be one of this is helpful :

model : 9000/800/A400/-44
Serial number : USC412035X
Order number : 801974504~001~0100
lan : 00306e132550
software id : 188029678

We would like to know the low speed supported by these asynchronous ports, especially 50, 75 and 100 bauds.

Did anyone have experience on this ?

Best wishes,

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Re: Async connection - low speed support

Hi Erick,

According to the termio man page, the following baud rates are supported:

CBAUD Baud rate: CSIZE Character size:
B0 Hang up CS5 5 bits
B50 50 baud CS6 6 bits
B75 75 baud CS7 7 bits
B110 110 baud CS8 8 bits
B134 134.5 baud
B150 150 baud CSTOPB Send two stop bits, else one.
B200 200 baud CREAD Enable receiver.
B300 300 baud PARENB Parity enable.
B600 600 baud PARODD Odd parity, else even.
B900 900 baud HUPCL Hang up on last close.
B1200 1200 baud CLOCAL Local line, else dial-up.
B1800 1800 baud LOBLK Reserved for use by shl(1).
B2400 2400 baud
B3600 3600 baud
B4800 4800 baud

Hewlett-Packard Company - 16 - HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

termio(7) termio(7)

B7200 7200 baud
B9600 9600 baud
B19200 19200 baud
B38400 38400 baud
EXTA External A
EXTB External B

The CBAUD bits specify the baud rate. The zero baud rate, B0, is used
to hang up the connection. If B0 is specified, the modem control
lines (see modem(7)) cease to be asserted. Normally, this disconnects
the line. For any particular hardware, impossible speed changes are
ignored. CBAUD is provided for use with the termio structure. When
the termios structure is used, several routines are available for
setting and getting the input and output baud rates (see termios
Structure Related Functions).

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