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Cannot login from MP.

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Cannot login from MP.

While changing my MP Admin password, I accidentally disabled the Admin user, since Oper user does not have any system privileges, I find myself stuck. Should I use the MP reset button on the back of the server. Can it be done even when the OS is running or do I need to shutdown the OS before reset. Pls advise.


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Re: Cannot login from MP.


On the GSP you can hold the reset button for 5 seconds to reset the password, not sure with MP but you can try it, even while the OS is running.

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Re: Cannot login from MP.

When the GSP administrative password is forgotten, on some PA-RISC machines, it can be reset by pressing the GSP reset button and responding, within 5 seconds, to the query that appears on the system console.

With root login, the following HP-UX command can be used to reset the GSP on machines that do not have a GSP reset button.

stty +resetGSP

This functions the same as pressing the GSP reset button, response to query on the system console is required
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Re: Cannot login from MP.

yes, you can reset the MP by pressing the MP reset button. however, you will need to configure back the lan settings because all the earlier settings will be changed to default values.