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K580 - Supported Hardware document.

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K580 - Supported Hardware document.


Is there a document that specifies which hardware cards are supported on 11i, on the K580 hardware. Any and all hardware cards..

I'm not looking for a specific card, I would just like to know which cards are supported. I can't find such a document..

Thank you.
David de Beer.
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Re: K580 - Supported Hardware document.

Try in


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Re: K580 - Supported Hardware document.

here are all of your K580 supported HSC & HP-PB cards

Add-on I/O and networking HSC cards

A2969A Fast Wide Differential SCSI-2 Interface card
A3722A LAN Adapter card
J3514A 100Base-T 2 Port LAN Adapter card
A3404A Fibre Channel 1063Mbps Interface card for information storage
A6685A 1Gbps Tachlite Fiber Channel adapter
A3406A EPS 266 Mbps Fibre Channel Adapter
A4920A Hyperfabric Card
J2469A ATM/155 Mbps HP-HSC 0C3 Multimode
A4924A Gigabit Ethernet LAN Adapter card
A3519A HP Visualize-EG 2D Graphics Card
A5434A PKC Cryptography Accelerator Card

Add-on I/O and networking HP-PB cards

28655A Single Ended SCSI-2 Interface card
28696A Fast Wide Differential SCSI-2 Interface card
J2157A FDDI LAN Adapter card
J2146A 802.3 ThinLAN/9000 Interface card
A3495A 100Base-T LAN Adapter
J2166B 802.5 Token Ring Interface card for 4MB/s or 16MB/s operation
J2792A X.25 HP-PB Card (10.x only)
Z7200A 8-port ACC for HP 9000 systems
Z7350A 2-port ACC for HP 9000 systems

Add-on I/O Expansion options

A3699A - Bus conherter to add additional HP-PB slots
A3696A Add additional 2 HSC Slots
A3695A Add additional 4 HSC Slots
A3694A Add additional 8 HSC Slots
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Re: K580 - Supported Hardware document.

Thanks guys, I was able to find the necessary information.