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Power usage 918LX

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Power usage 918LX

Does anyone know how many Watts a 918LX consumes per hour?

The idea is to use it as a private webserver but perhaps the yearly energy costs exceed yearly external hosting costs?

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Re: Power usage 918LX


Happy New Year!

There is a good document in the ITRC Technical Knowledge Base providing the HP3000 9x8 series servers specifications. The document ID is MPEKBRC00014816 (HP3000 9x8 System Specifications).

Here are some electrical infos for the 918LX:

Power requirements (watts) : 400
kVA rating for UPS loading : 0.55
Heat dissipation (BTUs/hour): 1,385
AC input power : 100-120V and 200-240V autorange 50-60 Hz
Current requirements at 120V : 6.5A
Current requirements at 220V : 3.5A
Typical power dissipation : 375 Watts
Max. power dissipation : 400 Watts
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