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R390 1-2 way specifications

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R390 1-2 way specifications


Where could I find fact sheets and technical specifications for R390 models? It's usual you can't find these pages in hp.com for old retired models, but some of us (may be a lot) still need them. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Jose E
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Re: R390 1-2 way specifications

Go to docs.hp.com and look under the D-class. An R-class box was simply a D-box turned on its side so that all the data pertaining to a D390 is applicable to an R390 as well.

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Re: R390 1-2 way specifications

What I'm exactly needing are the specifications related to memory (standard/max configurable), CPU ways (standard/max installable), OS support (versions, 32/64 bits support), i/o slots and so. If you know about where to find it, please! let me know

Jose E
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Re: R390 1-2 way specifications

Sometimes it's nice to have the old printed Configuration Guides; I have some going back over 10 years.

R390 will support 1 or 2 240MHz PA-8200 CPU's however to upgrade from an single processor to a dual processor is actually a system board swap.

TPM estimate for 1 and 2 way R390 is

Base memory is 128MB; maximum is 3GB.

The R390 will run HP-UX 10.20 as well as both 32-bit and 64-bit 11.0 and 11.11. Note: If you must use ANY EISA cards, 32-bit is your only option. No 64-bit support whatsoever is provided for EISA cards.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
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Re: R390 1-2 way specifications

HP 9000/R390-2 way specifications

A5179A HP 9000/R390-2 way server, Rack-mountable
Transactions per minute: 6,000 to 11,000
2 x 240MHz PA8200 RISC 64 bit CPUs
2GB/2GB instruction/data cache
3GB Maximum Memory
2 SE Disk Drive Bays
1 Removable Media Drive Bays (CD, DVD, DAT, floppy)
8 I/O Slots
2 RS-232 ports
1 Parallel Centronics port
1 Single Ended SCSI-2 port
1 PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
1 10Base-T Ethertwist LAN port

Memory module used in the R390-2 way (max 6 can be used)
A5791A 128MB HD ECC Memory
A5792A 256MB HD ECC Memory
A5793A 512MB HD ECC Memory

Internal disk drives for the R390-2 way (max 6 can be used)
A5795A 9GB SE SCSI-2 Disk Drive
A5789A 18GB SE SCSI-2 Disk Drive

Internal media drives for the R390-2 way (max 1 can be used)
A3542A 12GB DDS-3 DAT Drive
A3183A 4GB DDS-3 DAT Drive

Optional HSC I/O cards for the R390-2 way (max 8 can be used)
A3342A Remote management card
A4107A FWD SCSI-2 Interface
A3591B FC 1063Mbps Interface
A4450A Visualize-EG Graphics card
A4452A Graphics display memory card
J3515A 100Base-T one port LAN Adapter
J3516A 100Base-T two port LAN Adapter
A4925A 1000BaseSX LAN Adapter
A3723A FDDI Adapter
J3573A ATM 622Mbps card
J2499A ATM 155Mbps card
A4921A Hyperfabric card

EISA MUX cards available
J2482A 8 port MUX card
J2483A 64 Port MUX card
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Re: R390 1-2 way specifications

correction on the disk drives... the R boxes only hold a max of 2 drives.