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remote console solutions

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remote console solutions

We have an older server, deployed in 2002, A500-5X, I believe it's also called an RP2450.

What type of remote console solutions are available? Does HP offer any such product? I found some references in a web search to something called Secure Web Console, but it appears to be obsolete. What about a Lantronix device server? I wonder if that would work as a way to access the console remotely?

Also we have no video card and no open slots for one, so I can't do any type of CDE interface. I wonder if there's a way to emulate that remotely so I can have a desktop environment? Thanks,

Brian Bartley
Campus Card Services
Indiana University
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Re: remote console solutions

That server should have a "Secure Web console" built in already. Look in the back of the server, there should be two RJ45 LAN ports, one for the server LAN and the other for the web console LAN.

This is the built in secure web console and it is the same as the external standalone unit that connects to the console via a serial cable.

The external unit is very similar to a jetdirect printserver with a serial port for the console. Configuring them is very similar too.

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Re: remote console solutions


In webconsole, you will get the screen through a IE/Mozilla via http://serverIP. I assume you may need to install the Java get this loaded to your laptop/desktop.

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Re: remote console solutions

> What about a Lantronix device server?

I use an old DECserver (200/MC) to access
various serial-port consoles on systems
around here (usually from my XP1000 Alpha
workstation running VMS). For example,
here's a zx2000:

ALP $ set host /lat it_console
%LAT-S-CONNECTED, session to IT_CONSOLE on node SP2 established
%LAT-I-TODISCON, type ^\ to disconnect the session
CLI Commands:
C [] - Change Password
CON - Display Console selection
FPL - Read Forward Progress Log

And a c3700:

ALP $ set host /lat dy_console
%LAT-S-CONNECTED, session to DY_CONSOLE on node SP2 established
%LAT-I-TODISCON, type ^\ to disconnect the session
Main Menu: Enter command > sea

Searching for potential boot device(s)...
This may take several minutes.

To discontinue search, press any key (termination may not be immediate).

Path Number Device Path Device Type
----------- ----------------- -----------
P1 FWSCSI.6.0 HP 36.4GST336753LC
P2 FWSCSI.5.0 HP 36.4GST336753LC

Main Menu: Enter command >

I'd expect that a Lantronix terminal server
would work at least as well (and you could
use Telnet instead of LAT to talk to it).

> I wonder if there's a way [...]

Depending on exactly how much you'd like to
emulate, and where you're sitting now, I'd
say probably. X Windows? Set DISPLAY on the
HP-UX system, run some graphical program, and
it should appear on any X server you specify.
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Re: remote console solutions

Shalom Brian,

Some of those systems have remote network consoles. They accept connections with telnet. They can be configured and put on the network. You can do everything, including reinstalling the OS with them. Some do not, the really old ones.

Web console is an alternative, and I've used them before. Security weenies don't seem to like them much, but they will do the job.

Throw CDE on the top, and you simply do not need that on console to administer the system.

X/Motif applications can be run remotely from a Linux workstation connecting via ssh -X or using one of the many X Servers for workstations that can connect to the system.

All that needs to be done is to make sure CDE is installed on the system and xfs (x font server) is running.

See the start file /etc/rc.config.d/xfs
The first variable should be set to 1.

/sbin/init.d/xfs start
# one time start, but it reads that configuration file.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: remote console solutions

I am a big fan of remote console concentrators. The Secure WebConsole was a joke and aside from the slow performance and poor terminal emulation, there was no useful security. The console port of a server, whether it is your rp2450/A500, or managed switches and routers, tape silos, firewalls, etc is critical. This is especially true for the newer boxes where the hardware can be shutdown without any serious security.

Really new boxes are adding ssh but the vast majority of HP-UX models have either an RS-232 port (only) or a LAN console using telnet. I would make sure that console access is never attached to a production network. There are just too many variations among devices with consoles to allow direct access. There are products from Lantronics, Cyclades, Avocent, Raritan, etc that offer 4 to 32 serial ports with ssh access to the appliance. Put this on a dedicated network, perhaps remotely accessible with a secure VPN and the consoles should be safe.

For systems with built-in LAN consoles, keeping them on an isolated subnet will keep snoopers out. Use a high security system with limited access to bridge to the subnet.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: remote console solutions

Thanks for all the replies, I'll do some research on suggested actions.

Brian Bartley
Campus Card Services
Indiana University