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Hi there, I just installed Debian on my hp2450, I connect it to a laptop via serial console connector and using Hyper terminal on the laptop.I can see Debian booting and i can login as root and enter any command.But when i type startx to get the graphic interface, it gives me an error saying " not screens found" . I don't have any grapic card on the server, only the laptop and a hp 700/96.How can I configure the server to see the Debian graphic desktop? Can I use the LAN Console ?
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Re: rp2450


You can't use LAN console, lan console is for remote server management. So you can shutdown, reboot, poweron, poweroff the server remotely.

It is not hard to get Xwindows up, you must configure an IP on the system build-in lan card. The name of onboard lan interface is lan0

ifconfig lan0 netmask up

then give your laptop an IP address on the same subnet, make sure you can ping the debian box.

Now, you need Xwindows server program running on your labtop, You can download Graphon for Debian and install it on the rp2450 and install the client on your laptop.

Or you can try Xwin32, Exceed but you will need to enable the Xdmcp broadcast on your debian box first. I donot know much about debian it is disabled by default by Redhat for security reasons.

You will have to do some research and try this yourself.
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Re: rp2450

Since PA-RISC linux is not officially supported, you might also try mailing lists at or the #parisc IRC at
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