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Vmunix Mux

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Vmunix Mux

Hi All,

I see the following error repeting over and over on my server.

Could you please some one help me in understanding and resolving this issue

Aug 7 11:23:29 elecprd vmunix: Mux expansion bus failure detected for minor devices 0 to 63.
Aug 7 11:23:30 elecprd vmunix: Mux expansion bus established for minor devices 0 to 63.
Aug 7 11:23:30 elecprd vmunix: Mux: minor devices 0 to 15 available

Please Help
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Re: Vmunix Mux

What's your hardware model?

"vmunix" is the system kernel, which is sending you a message about "Mux expansion bus failure".

Mux is a short word for "multiplexer", a thing that joins together multiple signals with a low data rate so that they can all be transmitted using one wire that can pass a higher data rate.

Does your system have an external box with a lot of serial ports, attached to the system with one cable with big connectors? In that case, the messages might indicate that the big connector is not completely plugged in, or that the cable between the system and the serial port box may be damaged.